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From running to real estate, where there’s a will there’s a way.

In an emotionally exhausting Wednesday afternoon last week, I found myself in a social experiment that I’ll call “the impacts of coaching.” After a morning of cold calls and a team meeting to plan lofty 2018 sales goals based on last year’s sales records I don’t have as a newbie, I was also drained by repeated phone calls from my 67-yr old mother that’s battling severe mental illness.

So on this particular day, I definitely felt like I had washed away to an island and felt alone in my battle to regain control, confidence and optimism that I was capable of finding success in my new real estate career. What an ideal day to meet with 3 different professional career coaches in an effort to improve my “game”. And in some way, they each impacted the outcome of my day and positively influenced my vision & focus for my future.

Coaching styles, fees and regimens are not all alike, although some are similar; and despite my initial belief that a life coach will work with anyone toting a checkbook, I was corrected by several who said, “Anyone can hire a coach, but not everyone can keep one if the client is not ‘coachable’.” According to them, that describes someone that already believes they know everything and isn’t receptive to a coach’s suggestions; OR, the client’s core beliefs, morally or theologically, are too narrow to see beyond the surface and produce change & growth.

I, apparently, am just the opposite, as evidenced by my initial statement…I needed THREE just to get me through that Wednesday feeling like a success. So let me describe the quick what, why and how much of each.

Noon call w/ Coach Sam.

Coach Sam Quilici


Free, 30-min introductory coaching call with Sam Quilici, compliments of Anthony Robbins. You may know him as Tony :). I secured this call following a link attached to an online article on “Time Management Tips.”


I was curious about coaching on the Tony Robbins level & simply wanted to discover if there truly was such a thing as free anymore. Turns out, there is and he primarily coached me on “chunking” my time and tackling the most critical tasks of the day first. The other value was his reminder to focus on the outcome of a goal first, then the purpose & meaning, and finally the Massive Action Plan (MAP) to achieve a goal.

How Much?

As previously noted, the initial call was free and Coach Sam actually followed up with a 2nd free session b/c we had such an engaging conversation. The package for future coaching ranged anywhere from $685/month up to nearly $8k for an 18 month commitment allowing one 30-min session per week. At this point, that’s out of my immediate budget, so I’ll have to table that idea for the potential future.

1:30pm Face-to-Face w/ Coach Billy


Coach Billy BrownDays after starting my transition into real estate, I signed up for 3 months of coaching with local celebrity, Coach Billy Brown. For those that are not Daphne, AL residents, Billy is an author & pubic speaker that has gained national notoriety for his amazing story about overcoming adversity. At the age of 3, he & his family were in a near-fatal car accident and he was thrown from the backseat into the vehicle’s gas compartment as it engulfed him in flames. His story, “Rising from the Ashes,” is a best selling autobiography of his evolution from debilitating burn victim and public castaway to motivational speaker, community leader and real estate investor.


I recently heard Billy share his personal testimony of life and overcoming obstacles to local 5th graders while participating in a Junior Auxiliary award ceremony. His story is unbelievable and his achievements are compelling; but my interest in working with him was specifically piqued when he mentioned his real estate experience. I knew I could learn a lot from someone that had achieved so much despite the odds. And I have! Aside from sharing some literature, his time and encouragement, Billy keeps in touch with me and reminds me that the discomfort I so often feel in my new career is positive. It means I’m learning and growing in the right direction.

On this particular Wednesday, he stopped at my house to further illustrate the importance of ‘chunking’ my daily workload. And to offer me a tissue to my endless stream of tears because I felt as though I was breaking…not under the pressure of work, but rather the responsibilities forced on me as caregiver of an ill and aging parent. That’s just a situation that I can’t seem to improve or walk away from. So, he reminded me to take it one day at a time.

How much?

My 3-month coaching agreement with Billy costs $100/month. And his services have already paid off because he’s served as my camera man for several of my Facebook Live videos and always makes himself available for personal and professional talks.

3:30 group conference call w/ Coach Mike Schumm


Coach Mike SchummCoach Mike Schumm is a New York real estate guru and professional coach with the global Tom Ferry Team. Our 14-person real estate squad participates in a bimonthly video conference call via the Zoom app, allowing us all to partake in his genius simultaneously via our smartphones or laptops.


We do this to think BIG and to deliver BIG results. Coach Mike first educates us on how to handle buyer & seller objections and to close more transactions in a calendar year. He also feeds us valuable insight about improving our negotiation skills, everyday mindset, goal-setting, and financial planning for the future. Today’s call was a recap of the previous call (Is your client a Driver, Expressive, Amiable or Analytical?). He also gave us tips on massaging our sphere of influence (A.K.A. people you know) to increase your referrals.

How much?

Our real estate team agreement commits each team member to pay $125/month. To date, I’ve attended 3 of these video calls, but as a newbie, my first sale has yet to close, so I’m still waiting to evaluate the ROI of this mandatory expense; but what I can confidently say is that Coach Mike is an impressive real estate professional and just being in his online presence is inspiring.

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